Perimeter Scan

Scan your company internet presence for vulnerabilities.

Let's secure your perimeter.

Let's face it: if you aren't a multinational, you're not performing frequent scans on your perimeter. This means security weaknesses, misconfigurations and old software can creep into your portal to the internet.

Sure, professional products already exist for this. But they will cost you an arm and a leg and require a lot of time and technical expertise.
This is where we will make the change.

Current tools are either very expensive and quite difficult to use, requiring permanent security staff to monitor for and fix issues. venclave can offer an immense added value in the following cases;
Legacy systems still linger around your company network, exposing your newer infrastructure to gaps. Now is the time to do that upgrade and venclave can provide you with the necessary proof.
Setting up a fresh infrastructure can mean you're unfamiliar with a specific piece of infrastructure. This is where security issues can arise and where you need a check-up.
Sometimes, some things like SSL ciphers are just very hard to get right. We can function as a backup to ensure your configuration is done according to best practices.

Example scan results

Todays requirements

Ideally you need an easy-to-use tool that offers you the information you need in a clear way. When vulnerabilities are found, you need a link to the technical documentation and a proposed way to proceed.

There will be loads of vulnerabilities, but most of them will probably be benign. Every vulnerability will need to contain tags telling you how serious it is and what it is about.

Only after the initial overview of everything that is detected, you can start fixing issues. But how are we going to follow-up these issues? For this we need a dashboard that will notify you how many issues have been fixed since the last scan.

All of these features will make your life a lot easier, and allow you to finally feel comfortable about security. There tools that do this, but they are not affordable at all.
Or maybe there is one?

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