Phishing Simulator

Simulate a phishing attack in your company.

Phishing, this is how it works:

You open your email and suddenly an alert, for example from your bank, appears in your inbox. When you click the link in the email, you are taken to a webpage that looks (more or less) like your bank's — but it is actually designed to steal your information.

The alert will say there is a problem with your account, and ask you to confirm your login and password. After entering your credentials on the page that appears, you are usually sent to the actual institution to enter your information a second time.

By steering you to the legitimate institution, you don't immediately realize your information was stolen.

There are a wide range of damages that are being realized by phishing, the most common:

Financial Fraud where the victims, companies or individuals, are seduced to deposit money in the attacker bank account
Scenario in which hostile element gets access to the organization private data by using the victim as a bridge to enter that protected organization perimeter.
The victims are being tempt to download and activate a particular file that is a malware such as a Trojan horse. The damages can be translated into a severe damage in which the Trojan horse serves as a back door for the attacker, that take control on the victim’s desktop/laptop as a bridge to the rest of the companies infrastructure.

Recent Phishing Attacks

How to Protect

Companies spend millions and millions on the best technology in the world, but regardless of what you pay for it, this will not stop your company from being susceptible from cybercrime nor phishing.

The recent WannaCry and (non) Petya attacks have proven just how fragile business IT infrastructure can be.
The first line of defence against cybercrime are the employees: they are the key to protect the company.
Creating awareness with your employees is the best shot in tackling cyber threats as early in the chain as possible. It starts all with awareness.

The very first thing you can do to protect yourself and your company by not being hacked by phishing is employ common sense before handing over sensitive information.
Ensuring your employees understand the signs of phishing is the most important defense against any attack. You can now do this with venclave!

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