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A little word about the company & the people driving it

About the company

Yes, we are a start-up company, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot provide quality and service! On the contrary, our current customers and the ever growing number of customers are proving this. By being a start-up company with the start-up mentality means for you, our customer, that we have a hands-on approach, work agile and being transparent to enhance our quality and service, every single day.

We are passionate about cybersecurity and we want to make cybersecurity for every company obtainable. Whether you are a big or a small company, cybercrime can hit every single day and everybody has to have the right tools to defend their business.

By defending your business, it all starts with awareness of your employees. With our phishing solution, you can start immediately. After you have payed our invoice, it will take up to 3 minutes to launch a phishing campaign.

Mission statement

We ensure peace of mind to our customers by providing the highest level of security and protection for their enterprise, their assets and the privacy of their employees. We aim to set the bar for the best private security services by using innovative technology, custom designed security strategies, and hands-on management. Our company is led by experts in the field of security services and data protection who strive every day to exceed our customers’ expectations.

The faces


venclave's culture is the set of shared knowledge, setting the right goals, open communication, transparency, respect and entrepreneurial behaviour. By learning from the past, focus on the future, achieving the results, enhance our services and only working with the best experts is how we get things done at venclave.

Sam Founder

Sam started out as a programmer but realised quickly that his passion lied and lies within IT Security. Blasting through certifications like OSCP, OSCE, CSSLP, EWPTX and many more just enlarged the passion for IT Security. Working for clients active in the financial sector and aviation sector the goal became to make a product to aid customers in securing their company.

Niels Founder

As a son to an IT freelancer, it won't come as a surprise that Niels started experimenting within IT at a young age where he got interest in malware, penetration testing & more. Once he graduated as a network & systems administrator, he picked up the pace. Niels is an avid linux/unix engineer, is familiar around the network stack and can pump out some PHP code on Docker while he's at it. He is constantly improving his profile, adding certifications such as F5, CCNA and eLearnSecurity.
venclave BVBA

Venclave's security platform offers a single dashboard for a multitude of tools, providing you with seamless reporting and educational contents.

  • Founded: 12/10/2017
  • Country of residence: Belgium
  • VAT: BE0682869409
  • BANK: BE25751208864682
  • Employees: 3
  • Certifications: 24
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